A woman with 110 feet long hair

An American woman has set a world record by groing hair up to 110 feet.

According to foreign media, 60-year-old Asha Mandela from the US state of Florida was first included in the Guinness World Record for the longest braided hair in the world in 2009, at that time her hair was 19 feet and 6.5 inches. were long.

However, the woman with the longest braided hair in the world says that her hair has now reached a length of 110 feet.

The total weight of Asha Mandela’s fringes is 19 kg, she says that my fringes are my royal crown.

Mandela said she usually goes out with her hair wrapped in a cloth so it doesn’t hit the ground and prevent any pressure on my neck.

According to reports, the 60-year-old woman’s husband is a professional hair stylist from Kenya who takes care of Mandela’s hair.

Asha Mandela washes her hair once a week which takes about 6 bottles of shampoo and it takes 2 days to dry her hair.

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