Syed Qasim Ali Shah: An Influential Trainer and Motivational Speaker!

BY: Mansor Mehdi

Not the innate qualities but good habits and constant struggle differentiate a person from others. This is the very thing that makes any human being a favorite personality. Such people always strive for the betterment of others and ask no question than to know whether they have added to the welfare of humanity or not. We are lucky enough to have a person of the same lot among us. And, he is none other but Syed Qasim Ali Shah who is known for his belief in constant effort, compassion and love for teaching. He is such a son of the soil who has positively changed thousands of lives through his lectures, seminars, talks and training sessions.

When I decided to write an article on Syed Qasim Ali Shah, it was quite difficult for me because I had just heard about him but never had had a chance to meet him. So, I googled Qasim Ali Shah, and beyond my expectations, there were several websites with more than sufficient content about him. I was surprised and a little ashamed too. I have spent a major part of my life in journalism; have met several prominent personalities; but why could not have a chance to meet him.

Anyway, for the sake of completing the self-assigned task, I continued searching more and more about him, read his articles and watched his videos too. The video lectures of Syed Qasim Ali Shah which impressed me a lot are: “The Game of Destiny & the Red Signal”, “Stages of Consciousness and the Path to Success”, “Business and Success”, “Children Education”, “Success”, “The Spiritual Journey of Syed Sarfraz A. Shah”, “How to Become a Good Event Manager?” and many other.

After watching each video, I got an idea of ​​his personality. Born in a town of Gujarat, settled in Lahore as a child, studied engineering, Syed Ali Shah ultimately turned to be such a motivational speaker who has changed the lives of thousands of people through his lectures. Shah Sahib is still committed to bringing a vision to life and mobilizing it.

He has been associated with teaching since 1998. In 2001, he established his first educational institution called “Qasim Ali Shah Academy” which has got a prominent name in a city like Lahore. An individual feature of this academy is that the students studying here are not only educated but also given moral training with personality building.

To train people in Pakistan and all over the world is Qasim Ali Shah’s main purpose. The core point of his attention is the youth. His philosophy is that the real purpose of education is training, without which it’s ineffective and soulless. That is why, he has been training the youth for several years in accordance with his own philosophy. His success philosophy covers areas like: ethical values ​​of employees working in different areas, the ability to achieve goals, polishing the skills of managers, performance enhancement, to enhance technical skills of the youth, personality and character building, and managing and solving interpersonal conflicts etc. etc. He has been doing this through regular lectures, workshops, seminars and symposiums on these and many other important topics regarding self-help and personality grooming.

Along with the most prominent educational institutions of the country, Syed Qasim Ali Shah has conducted quite a number of sessions with many government institutions like police, judiciary and army. Moreover, many corporate companies have also availed themselves of his training mantra. His skills, experience, ethics and other qualities make him the most popular and influential trainer, life coach and motivational speaker of the day.

Because of his moral strength and communicative skills, his demand is growing at home and in abroad as well. He has conducted several international training sessions and seminars. Apart from workshops, he is quenching the knowledge thirst of people through FM radio and TV channels also. Again, he has millions of fans and followers on social media too.

Now a few words for his foundation, books and mentors. “Qasim Ali Shah Foundation” was established on April 1, 2017. The purpose of this foundation is to provide training to the people, especially the youth. This is also a platform for the youth to showcase their talent. Qasim Ali Shah provides equal opportunity to those who possess ability and creativity but couldn’t find a proper platform to express themselves. Thus, this is the way he is passing his intellectual legacy to the youth.

Qasim Ali Shah regards great personalities like Wasif Ali Wasif, Ashfaq Ahmed, Bano Qudsia and Sarfraz A. Shah as his mentors. He has written and translated some highly effective books too. Some of these books are: “Zara Nam ho….”, “Apni Talash”, Unchi Udan”, “Bari Manzil Ka Musafir”, Jeet Ki Janib”, “Guftagu”, Bhar poor Khud Atmadi” and many to count.

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