‘I got engaged at my sister’s wedding reception – now she’s furious’

A man says his sister is now furious after learning he’d proposed to his partner of ten years at her wedding ceremony. According to this man, they’d previously discussed marriage and have lived together for years. In his eyes, they’ve done everything except “gotten the special piece of paper and had a party with family.”

Although they’ve been to “plenty of lovely weddings” together before, something about that night felt special to them both, and it just seemed like the right moment to move things forward. The 29-year-old says there was “no big show, no getting down on one knee, just an intimate moment between the two of us during the reception.”

They didn’t even tell anyone else straight away, only revealing their happy news at a family gathering to see the newlyweds before their honeymoon. His sister, unfortunately, didn’t take the surprise too well, accusing them of trying to “steal her thunder.”

Taking to Reddit, the newly-engaged man – who goes by the username u/engagementhelp_ – recalled: “We had a little family visit yesterday, though, to see my sister and her new husband before they left for their honeymoon.

“My partner and I said how beautiful her wedding was and how moved we were and told the story of that special moment that she helped facilitate, even if it wasn’t intended.”

He continued: “Instead of happiness, we were met with anger. She argued that it was disrespectful and undermined her event, that we were trying to ‘steal her thunder’.

“I wasn’t even planning on sharing this story with anyone but mine and my husband’s immediate families and friends. I also thought it was harmless because we didn’t call attention to ourselves.”

The majority of fellow Reddit users agreed he hadn’t done really anything wrong, given he didn’t make a huge deal out of the proposal, but cautioned him to tread lightly.

As one person put it: “If it was a quiet moment with just you two, no one else noticed, you didn’t cause a scene, no one jumped on a table and announced it to everyone present, I think you’re ok.

“As long as in the future you don’t make a big deal of it or anything, and don’t advertise that you got engaged at your sister’s wedding. And definitely don’t bring up your engagement any time someone talks about sister’s wedding.”

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