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How much will it cost to fill your car’s fuel tank after the price hike?

The government decided on Monday to raise the prices of petroleum products for the next fortnight citing fluctuations in rates in the international market and exchange rate variations.

According to an annou­ncement by the Ministry of Finance, the rate of petrol and light diesel oil (LDO) was increased by Rs6.72 and 43 paise per litre, respectively. On the other hand, the prices of high speed diesel (HSD) and kerosene were cut by 51 paise and Rs1.67 per litre respectively.

As such, the ex-depot price of petrol was raised to Rs233.91 from Rs227.19, showing an increase of Rs6.72 per litre, or 2.96 per cent.

The price of light diesel oil inched up by an inconsequential 43 paise per litre to Rs191.75 per litre from Rs191.32.

On the other hand, the ex-depot price of HSD was set at Rs244.44 per litre, down from Rs244.95 per litre, with a notional cut of 51 paise, or 0.2pc. Likewise, the ex-depot rate of kerosene was cut to Rs199.40 per litre from Rs201.07 per litre, down by Rs1.67 per liter, or 0.8pc.

We calculates how much it will cost to fill the tanks of some of Pakistan’s most popular cars after the hike.

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