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Indus Motors cuts prices

After a huge price shock of Rs760,000 to Rs3.16 million in July, Indus Motor Company (IMC) on Monday reduced the vehicle prices by Rs260,000-Rs1.140m citing rupee recovery against the dollar.

As per a circular issued to its dealers, IMC cut the price of all Toyota Corolla models by Rs330,000-440,000 followed by Rs260,000-Rs310,000 in Yaris models.

Toyota Hilux Revo and Fortuner prices have been lowered by Rs650,000-820,000 and Rs910,000-Rs1.140m respectively.

The new price of Corolla 1.6MT, AT and UPSPEC is Rs4.569m, Rs4.789m and Rs5.279m. The 18CVT, SR and SR Black models are now priced at Rs5.269m, Rs5.709m and Rs5.749m.

Yaris MT1.3, CVT, ATIV MT, ATIV CVT, ATIV MT 1.5 and ATIV CVT 1.5 carry new prices of Rs3.539m, Rs3.769m, Rs3.729m, Rs3.929m, Rs4.009m and Rs4.259m.

The new prices of Revo 2.8MT, Auto 2.8MT, V Auto and Rocco are Rs9.169m, Rs9.609m, Rs10.599m and Rs11.179m.

Fortuner 2.7 G, 2.7V, 2.8 Sigma 4 and Legender will carry a new price of Rs11.579m, Rs13.259m, Rs13.969m and Rs14.699m.

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