Israelis, Saudis seeking new plans for Iran nuclear talks

Iran's ever-growing influence scares Zionist-Imperialist rulers
Iran’s ever-growing influence scares Zionist-Imperialist rulers
Israel and Saudi Arabia are considering new plans in order to ratchet up pressure on the United States not to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran, a Middle East expert says.

“The Zionist lobby and the Saudis are considering another approach,” former Middle East Chief Correspondent for Independent Television News Alan Hart told Press TV on Thursday.

He added that they are considering attaching conditions that Iran cannot accept.

“If the Zionist lobby and the Saudis succeed in what they want to do, Obama will have to make the most critical choice,” he added.

Hart made the remarks after the Geneva negotiations ended without a deal last week despite progress.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry held a classified briefing with the Senate Banking Committee to convince lawmakers how new sanctions, which are set to be imposed, could derail the negotiations with Iran.

The analyst also explained that there are two ways ahead for US President Barack Obama to decide about the issue.

“One possibility is that Obama will just surrender to the Zionist lobby,” he said.

“There is another possibility” that Obama, who is fed up with Israel like most European leaders, acts independently, according to Hart.

“He could say this is the time I must take on the Zionist lobby and the way an American president can do that is to use what they call the “bully pulpit” that means the president goes to the heads of Congress and speak directly and honestly to the people of America on radio and television and says this is why I must do this,” he said.

“It may be the coming two or three weeks it’s crunch time for the fight between the Zionist lobby and the occupants of the White House,” Hart said. ”There are very dramatic days to come.”

The next round of talks between Iran and the six major powers will be held in Geneva on November 20.

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