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Jab Indra Gandhi Jawan Thi

پڑھنے کا وقت: 1 منٹ Download free or free read online Urdu pdf book Jab Indira Jawan Thi.You can get knowledge about the secret life of Indira Gandhi by reading this book. Jab Indira Jawan Thi is the main  title of the Urdu book. In english the title of this is When Indira Gandhi was Young. The was translated by I.H. Chaudhry into the Urdu language . This book was written by Mr Prem Narain. Mr Prem Narain was the body guard and personal driver of the previous Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. Mr Prem Narain written this book for revenge to exposed the ruler family. Because Prem Narain’s innocent brother Jagat Narain was accused of a murder and later on hanged by the Indira Gandhi’s government. The writer Mr. Prem Narain tried a lot and requested the ruler family to save the life of his brother.For revenge Mr. Prem Narain written this book to expose the secret life of Indira Gandhi. When this book was Published (Jab Indira Jawan Thi) the government banned on the book and collected back from the market 27 of the 30 sold books. But three books could not be get backded by the government.One copys of this book was with Prem Narain’s friend who was in Afghanistan and after a long time he sold this book to a Pakistani journalist for Rs=1600. Then the was translated in the Urdu language.This book has everything about the shamed life of Indira Gandhi because of Prem Narain who exposed the life of very first female Indian Prime Minister. In proof Prem Narain  also shown all the love letters and affairs of Indira Gandhi.

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