Oh! Let me take a selfie

By M. Aslam Warriach
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a smart phone must be in want of a selfie.
Narcissus was the first ever youth who saw himself in the lake and got drowned in an attempt to take his selfie. Ever since Narcissus’s time people have been trying to be immortal by taking selfies but, sometimes, they gain eternity at the cost of their lives. Thank God the experiment performed by that Greek guy has universal application and his hypothesis is being materialized by thousands of his followers. Do you think that life is a bigger price for such a precious thing like selfie?
Recently a mother who was very weak and listless after her delivery in hospital, tried many times to get up but failed. The nurse on duty thought she might want to see her baby. She helped her get up. The mother rose to her feet with her mobile in hand and took a selfie with her new born.  How could she help updating her status? Could she?
Many of us are very particular and punctual about selfies.  For most of us it is just a ritual to go through it many times round the clock. They have hundreds of followers on the social media. But afterward they complain that no one turned out on the death of their dear ones although they updated the status in time. How poor of them!
I call these selfie addicted patients the warriors of media. Every day they get themselves with smart phones and are ready to invade the world by firing their selfies at friends and foes alike.
Sometimes they seem to me the members of the secret cult performing the rite of freemasonry adoring and the admiring the saint at the altar of selfie.
I wonder what the modern thirsty crow would do in the age of selfie. Probably he would take a selfie at every step of the whole process.

  1. The crow is thinking about  a plan
  2. The crow is dropping pebbles one by one
  • The water is rising up
  1. The happy crow is drinking water
  2. The crow is making a sign of victory

Perhaps the story would not end here. He would keep taking selfies while flying away.
The selfie addicts think that the world would not be the same without their selfies. They are quite right. The world would not be the same but a far happier and peaceful one.

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