Writing Science Right Strategies for Technical Writing


About the Authors

Sue Neuen has had 16 years’ experience as a school administrator and teacher.She received a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration with emphasis on School Restructuring from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, WI.

Elizabeth Tebeaux, Professor Emerita, taught English for 35 years at Texas A&M. She received her PhD from A&M, her MA in English from Sam Houston State University, a MEd from the University of Houston, and a BA from Baylor University in Math and English.


Help your students improve their science understanding and communicate their knowledge more effectively. Writing Science Right shows you the best ways to teach content-area writing so that students can share their learning and discoveries through informal and formal writing assignments and oral presentations.

You’ll teach students how to…

  • identify their audience and an appropriate organizational structure for their writing;
  • achieve a readable style by knowing the reader’s background knowledge;
  • build effective sentences and concise paragraphs;
  • prepare and deliver oral presentations that bring content to life;
  • use major science articles, abstracts, and summaries as mentor texts;
  • and more!


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