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Quotes 2: Punjabi songs of the soul!

Baba Farid Ganj- e- Shakar (1173-1266)

1: “Look the way you are otherwise your true face will be unveiled automatically.”

2: “Truthful in love is a person who has only love and nothing else in his heart.”

3: “The path of Masters is the highest of all;

It is beyond all comprehension!”

4: “It is easy to wear a sufi’s khiriqa (cloak) but it is very difficult to justify and honor it. if salvation depended upon wearing a ‘khirqa’ alone, then all the people would have worn it and secured salvation cheaply.”

5:” He is wise who depends upon GOD for his success and expects no favors from anybody else.”

Madho Lal Hussain (1538-1599)

1: “Driven mad with spikes,

The pain of separation fills my thoughts…”

2: “My soul is entangled with the indifferent one

Lord of all things visible and invisible.”

3: “Judges and clerics are full of advice, the righteous and wise show you the path, but love itself needs no guidance.”

4: “I was too young to understand love, and now as the nights swell and merge into each other,
I play host to that unkind guest – separation.”

5: “Those that have pleased our Master in this life do they have to fear death which is the hereafter?
Says Hussain the prideless mendicant, cast off this body of ashes!”

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (1630-1691)

1:” There is no place for wisdom or concerns there

Where only Unity of God exists – Hoo!

2: “In the slippery game of outward love,

Say Bahu: They will regret their doings on the day of judgment.”

3: “Those who have renounced this world,

Will enjoy the delights of the garden That is eternally in bloom.”

4: “The world has never accepted his lovers;

They are persecuted and left to cry in pain.”

5: “The moment I realized the oneness of God,

the flame of his love shone within, to lead me on.”

Baba Buleh Shah (1680-1757)

1: “What’s the point of Love, that is done after a thousand careful calculations?”

2: “O’ Bulleh Shah let’s go the place

Where all are blind

Where none recognizes our caste (or race)

And where no one believes in us.”

3: “How long can the truth be veiled?

The spirit is all there is to know.”

4: “It’s greedy Humans that store food

It’s Humans that die of hunger.”

5: “You who have read thousands of books of knowledge, have you ever tried to read your own self?”

Waris Shah (1719 or 1730-1790)

1: “Five senses yours are spiritual guides, they stroke you gently into slumber.”

2: “Mighty usurp darlings from the weak, weak cannot protest loss or pain

Helpless poor have no recourse, like dead snakes, they wiggle in vain.”

3: “Waris Shah knows well, love is a special kind

The first eye-to-eye meeting wins the heart and mind.”

Mian Muhammad Buksh (1830- 1907)

1: I, a sinner, ashamed, a liar, filled with sins,

Have only a single hope, that from your doorstep; have no other protection.”

2: “I am blind, and the path is slippery, how can I keep myself steady?

There are many to push, only you to hold my hand.”

3: “In the world, my life is indeed useless,

My heart had sought you; you did not remain friend.”

4: “In the house of beloved, aloofness helps the needy,

On whosoever He places his sight, he wins the game.”

5: “If love has been absorbed by a heart, it never leaves it,

Even if it comes to a thousand beauties, the beloved is never exchanged.”

Khawaja Ghulam Farid  (1845-1901)

1: “O’ Beauty of Truth, the Eternal Light!

Do I call you necessity and possibility,

Do I call you the ancient divinity,

The One, creation and the world,…”

2: “My charming beloved is bidding me farewell today.

have taken the burden of sufferings on my head.”

3: “My beloved has manifested in the form of the

outward. He has become openly manifest in each


4: “Beauty and ugliness are the manifestations of the

Essence. The lovely colorless is in each color.”

5: “Do dwell with us everlastingly. Live in merriment

and grab my heart.”

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