Sindhi Cultural Day celebrated with great zeal and zest

Sindhi Cultural Day celebrated with great zeal and zest on Sunday.

Various rallies, walks and other programs were organized by different organization highlighting different features of Sindhi traditions and culture to make the Day memorable.

People wearing traditional Sindhi dresses participated in the rallies and other events.

The main event of the Day in the port city was organized outside the Karachi Press Club, which featured folk artists performing cultural and folk songs.

In addition to various political and social figures, citizens including women, children and others largely participated in the events.

Educational institutions and other bodies also organized activities in connection with the Sindhi Cultural Day celebrations.

Sindh is a land of mystics, sufis, poets, and saints. On this occasion, people of Sindh and Pakistan wish one another peace and prosperity.

Culture of Sindh with its roots in the Indus Valley Civilization has its peculiar traits and dimensions that attract people here and around the world.

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