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These Carols by Walt Whitman

M.N. Sulehri


These carols sung to cheer my passage through the world I see,

For completion I dedicate to the Invisible World.

Summary and Analysis

The poem contains only two lines. These lines are written in praise of eternity and immortality. The poet talks about the world insight and the world out of sight viz., this world and the world hereafter. The journey of physical life is made cheerful by the carols that are sung as the poet says ‘these carols sung to cheer my passage through the world I see’.

Quavering, as you know, is an important theme of Walt Whitman’s poetry that is very much present in the poem under consideration. While describing this theme the poet seems to be in a trance-like situation. As we know that the carols are the songs sung in churches and also during Christian religious congregations. In this way, these songs become a bridging force between the body and soul, between the physical and spiritual word, and also between this world and the hereafter.

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